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The Basement Watchdog brand of battery backup and primary sump pumps are available through most hardware or home improvement retailers. The Basement Watchdog systems monitor the pump, power and battery conditions and alert when maintenance is needed. Basement Watchdog systems give you the peace of mind that your basement will remain dry.

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Backup Sump Pumps Primary Sump Pumps

3 battery backup systems
2 matching batteries
Dual float switches

1/3 HP and ˝ HP primary sump pumps
Energy efficient pumps that will save you money
Dual float switch offers twice the protection

The PHCC Pro Series line of primary and battery backup sump pumps are designed with the contractor in mind. Available only through wholesale distribution or your local plumber.

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Backup Sump Pumps Primary Sump Pumps

3 backup sump pump systems
Matching batteries
3 year warranty

11 primary sump pump models ranging from 1/3 HP up to 1 HP
Dual float switches with the deluxe monitoring controller
Energy efficient, continuous duty sump pumps

Watchdog Water Alarm Intelligent Plant Light

5 year warranty
110 db alarm
6 foot sensor extension


The Watchdog Water Alarm is designed to alert you to the presence of unwanted water. Place near a water heater, sump pit, washing machine, laundry tub or under a sink and the Watchdog Water Alarm will sound a loud, 110db alarm, alerting you to the presence of as little 1/32" of water.

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The Intelligent Plant Light will help you grow beautiful orchids, blooming violets or herbs in the kitchen. The Intelligent Plant Light is a tabletop lamp that will turns on automatically every day according to the changing seasons. It even tells you when your plant needs water.
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